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New Sibling of Notch
New Sibling of Notch

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PostSubject: HEROBRINE WAS IN MY SSP!   Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:53 pm

It was a perfect day when me and my dog were looking for diamonds. I suddenly spotted the beautiful light blue ore. When was about to mine them i heard my dog yelp. I turned around and saw Him. affraid I was very afraid. I didnt know what to do, so I forgot all about the diamonds and ran. I was then confronted by a cow with all white eyes. I recognized the eyes, and ran, following my torches back to the surface. When I got back to my house, it was on fire. It then began to storm out of nowhere. I quickly went off into the ocean to go to my island beach house. Then i saw this absolutely PERFECT sand pyramid. I tried to remember if i built it, but couldn't. The thought that the man i had seen in my mine had built it occured. I went on and when i got to my beach house, i saw the man holding a bucket of lava. Then in my chat i saw "Herobrine: Only god can help you now." and suddenly the screen popped up "You died" when i looked at my chat it said "Vickie2000 was slain by Herobrine" I was suddenly terrified and went off minecraft. I went on google and searched this man's name. I read the whole wiki artical and came to the following conclusion:
Herobrine is in my SSP.

It was completely TERRIFYING. I tried to make peace with that man. It played out like this:
Vickie2000:Hi Herobrine! Can I talk to you about when u burned my hosue down? Razz
Herobrine:Herobrine does not make peace. Evil or Very Mad
Vickie2000:Please? I'll give you whatever you want that I have. DIAMONDS? Anything....? confused
Herobrine:Speak human. Twisted Evil
Vickie2000:Umm well.... I really think we could be great friends.. burning down other people's houses and all.. Wink
Herobrine:Herobrine works alone. Evil or Very Mad
vickie2000: Oh um.. Embarassed can we talk about it at least?
Herobrine:Only god can help you now.
vickie2000:Uh oh.. Shocked affraid

I kept seeing his face everywhere after that.. Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine Herobrine
I even saw him once when he wasn't looking to happy.. Neutral Herobrine Neutral Herobrine
Once i swear he looked mad... Angry Herobrine Angry Herobrine Angry Herobrine
I tried to see how to get rid of him.. but there was no sucess... I then thought, what if there was a girl herobrine? xXHerobrinetteXx I looked and looked. still no success. So i looked for a girl herobrine SKIN. I put it on, and suddenly.. the activity stopped.. I have never been so happy in my life. But, will he come back?
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New Sibling of Notch
New Sibling of Notch

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PostSubject: Creepy   Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:50 am

You can never tell if he will come back or not..... I'd suggest keeping that skin on Just In Case

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herobrine hunter
New Sibling of Notch
New Sibling of Notch

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PostSubject: Re: HEROBRINE WAS IN MY SSP!   Sun Oct 07, 2012 9:15 pm

i know why he stopped, he stopped because you have the herobrine girl skin, DUH DUH Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: HEROBRINE WAS IN MY SSP!   Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:11 am

Is there any evidence that this happened?

~Ryno cherry
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New Sibling of Notch
New Sibling of Notch

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PostSubject: Re: HEROBRINE WAS IN MY SSP!   Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:34 am

I think you're embelishing this a little. Suspect
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PostSubject: Re: HEROBRINE WAS IN MY SSP!   

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